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Does Discord Cost Money?

Does Discord Cost Money?

Discord is entirely free to use. However there are some premium features that might be able to help. Discord offers its users a premium membership with animated chat emojis and profile pics, increased file sharing size, and profile personalization options


What is Discord?

Discord is an internet audio call software and social gaming network. Discord offers thousands of user operated servers where gamers and general enthusiasts can gather to group in audio, video, or text chats. Discord is only 5 years old but features 300 millions users. This huge use base is the biggest feature of Discord because there are thousands of niches for any user.


What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is the premium paid version of Discord. This version of Discord allows a few small features that might appeal to some users of Discord. Nitro allows you to use and make custom Emojis that you can use on any server. It also allows an animated profile picture and custom badging on your profile. The biggest and my favorite perk of Nitro is allowing uploads up to 100MB compared to the 8MB without Nitro. Also you are able to stream and share live HD video over any server you like. This about sums up the benefits of Nitro and Nitro Classic.


What is Discord Nitro Classic?


There are two versions of Discord Nitro. There is a second version called Discord Nitro Classic. Classic is identical to Nitro except you are not given the 2 free server boosters (these support the server you’re on by adding features everybody can use. Classic Nitro is cheaper for this reason. Other than the server boosts both paid versions of Nitro are the same. Discord offers classic Nitro to those who want the special chat features but necessarily don’t want to boost or support any servers. 


How much is Discord Nitro?

Nitro costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. 


Nitro Classic costs $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year 


You save two months off the price of Nitro if you can fork over the cash for the whole year. 


Remember, regular Nitro offers two servers boosts with a 30% discord if you buy more. 


Server boosts cost $4.99 a month each. Making it cheaper to get regular Nitro if you want to boost any servers. 


Discord Nitro

Discord is free and offers tons of free features

Although Discord does offer a paid version, these features are small compared to the overall offerings Discord hands its users. 


Discord offers 


Video and Audio group calls 

Streaming support 

Bot support 

Free Server Support 

Unlimited bandwidth file sharing 

Social network with friends and blocking system 

Screen Sharing 


Look at all those free features! 


Recently Discord offered mobile screen sharing for the iphone and has an already established screen sharing for Android and desktops. 


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Does Discord Cost Money?

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